Where to Start

If you’re new to the podcast or to the indie TTRPG scene, welcome! We’re so happy to have you hear. But, we know there’s so much amazing content to navigate that it can be hard to find your way. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of highlights of the very best indie games content to get you started. Just find the phrase that best matches what you want, and jump to that point.

Which of these best describes you?

    I’ve played Dungeons & Dragons…

    The indie scene is enormous and varied, and at times has very little in common with the World’s Most Popular Roleplaying Game. If you’re coming from that tradition, then here’s some content that might help you make the transition.

    Laser Malena-Webber & Richard Malena Webber

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    Laser speaks (and, as part of The Doubleclicks, sings) very eloquently about Dungeons & Dragons, and is a high-profile player who also happens to play other indie roleplaying games. The ones we mention in the interview include Fiasco, a game simulating Coen Brothers’ movies, and Lasers & Feelings, a tiny but extremely popular indie game based on lyrics from songs by The Doubleclicks.

    Laser’s spouse Richard also makes roleplaying games such as the DnD 5e setting Empyrean Investigations which provides new adventures, classes and spells for campaigns about detectives and investigators.

    Mnemonic by Dee Pennyway

    Dee Pennyway’s Mnemonic setting is adjacent to the kind of high fantasy that DnD has always thrived upon. Whilst Mnemonic is very different in scope and mood, it uses some media touchstones which simply wouldn’t exist without DnD, so it might feel like a comfortable fit if you’re new to the indie scene.

    I’m new to roleplaying games

    This is a huge and amazing hobby and you’re going to have a blast. We’ll assume you’re familiar with what a roleplaying game is. Here are some of the best indie games which are designed for beginners.

    Atma by Meromorph Games

    Atma is a game designed from the ground up for beginners, and for short-form, one-shot style play. It’s a modern setting which is “Overwatch adjacent,” so if you’re familiar with those tropes, it should be easy to pick up and run with this game.

    Campfire Memories by Matt Bohnhoff

    Campfire Memories is a simple but elegant storytelling game designed by Matt Bohnhoff of Wasteland of Enchantment Games. It’s been tested both with and without children and it’s a lovely little game which is easy and entertaining to play.

    I’m looking for big indie names

    There are such thing as big names in indie, and I’ve interviewed a few of them. These are some of our favourites, and some of the best indie games on the market at the moment.

    #iHunt by Olivia Hill

    Olivia Hill is a name you might recognise as a stalwart of the RPG scene for well over a decade. Olivia Hill’s #iHunt is a game about economic horror and monster hunting in the gig economy. It hit on a lot of 2019’s Big Moods (and continues to be terrifyingly relevant), and was a massive indie success story of that year.

    Relics: A Game of Angels by Steve Dee

    Steve Dee has been in the tabletop roleplaying game scene for more than two decades, and is an important name in the indie space nowadays. His game Relics: A Game of Angels is extremely clever and beautifully crafted, and this interview gives a lot of insight into the design process for that game.

    I’m an indie enthusiast

    You’re in good company. Here are our favourite interviews with creators at the cutting edge of indie.

    Christoper W. Reynolds

    Christopher W. Reynolds came on the show to talk about all of his latest games, and hit on dozens of really interesting talking points, including how games relate to communication theory, and why the tragedy of Benghazi inspired him to write a card game. It’s a wonderful, long, wide-ranging interview and it’s definitely a highlight from the first season.

    Georgie Bats

    Friend and supporter of the show Georgie Bats came on to discuss eir games Far From The Tree and Exquisite Polycule, and to rather controversially try to define lyric games and ludopoetic artefacts. This interview is the closest to a conversation between good friends as we’ve gotten (because it was), and is a really interesting look into a fascinating corner of the indie scene.

    I just want to start at the beginning

    If you insist; we can’t stop you. We have two jumping off points, and here they are.

    Intro to Yes Indie’d Pod

    Way back in January 2020, Marx orated a manifesto as to what people could expect from Yes Indie’d Pod. This is a tiny episode which was the very start of this journey.

    Nibiru by Federico Sohns

    The very first interview on Yes Indie’d Pod. Federico Sohns came on to discuss Nibiru, a game about amnesiac contractors on a giant space station. As well as being touching, poignant and smart, it’s also a beautifully produced book. Federico talked elegantly about this game, and it’s a really good interview, in spite of (because of?) being the first.