Interviews with indie tabletop roleplaying games creators

Yes Indie’d Pod is an interview podcast about indie tabletop roleplaying games. Your host and guide is Marx Shepherd, your friendly neighbourhood indie enthusiast.

Every two weeks, we interview voices from the indie scene about their games and inspirations, and about the theory, process and practice of game design. As well as game designers, we talk to creators of all kinds, as well as podcasters and even high-profile players. Anybody even tangentially related to the indie tabletop roleplaying games scene is a potential interviewee!

And you might wonder what we mean by indie. Here at Yes Indie’d Pod, it doesn’t matter if you’re writing introspective lyric games or if you’re running enormous Kickstarter campaigns for DnD 5e settings. If you think you’re indie, then we think you’re indie — and we should chat.

If you’re new to Yes Indie’d Pod, or new to indie tabletop roleplaying games, you might wonder where to start. Because we’ve got so much great content, we’ve put together a page of where to start.

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Meet your local indie enthusiasts

Marx Shepherd (they/them) is the host and producer for Yes Indie’d Pod. They’re extremely online and can be found mostly on Twitter.

In addition to running Yes Indie’d, they design and edit roleplaying games for the Far Horizons CoOp and under their own name as Marx of High Water, and are available for freelance editing and creative project management.

Marx is a self-described indie hustler/promoter. Occasionally they organise game bundles for the indie space, and they’re chief editor for the in*die zine.

Marx’s profile picture was created by Bri de Danann.